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Steering and Component Manufacturing

We have Burman Thread machinery and associated technical drawings for anything Burman steering. We also have specific tooling equipment for other component manufacturing.

Worm and Nut Assemblies – These are key parts for many steering boxes. We have the capacity to manufacture new worm and nut assemblies for selected Burman steering In particular, we already supply Land Rover Series, Jaguar XK's and Mk1/Mk2, Dellow, Terex, and Ford 4000 series and a range of other agricultural vehicles and small earth moving equipment.

Bearing Races & Ball Joint Kits Bearing races are the tracks that the ball bearings run around. Ball Joint kits – the ball joint is a steel bearing stud and socket enclosed in a steel casing, usually with a tapered and threaded bearing stud. We manufacture these for specific small earth moving equipment and diggers.

Other parts – we can manufacture steering column extensions, replacement reduction gear pinions for agricultural gearboxes, and splined input steering pinions and early Land Rover steering arms.

One-off's can be accommodated where our existing machinery can produce the required parts. We are happy to obtain the appropriate tooling for other component parts, where expertise, precision and UK control is required and essentially a Partnership (which is how we like to work on precision contract work), dependent upon volumes and mutually acceptable and viable commercials.

All our remanufactured finished parts are tested and inspected and supplied with a warranty