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Series One, II, IIa & 3 - Land Rover

Series Land Rover Steering Box and Relay Solutions

Series One Old Core

Whether it’s an early Series One box or the later Series III, ICS Steering are able to provide a remanufacturing solution to most worn, leaking and potentially wandering or dangerous boxes.

At the heart of our capabilities is our in depth knowledge and first hand understanding of all things Burman. As well as owning some of the original tooling, equipment and drawings, we also have 2 very experienced ex-Burman Senior Engineers on the Team

Manufacturing and rebuilding

We manufacture new worms and nuts in LHD and RHD for Series One, Series II, IIa and Series III as well as races and bearings. New balls are supplied as standard

We also carry out repairs and welding to worn and cracked casings, including to where the column/shaft joins the box (a common weak point with differing alloys causing corrosion - see pic 1 on right)

See our Series One Bronze Nut video - click here  and our Blogs: Legend Magazine article and Series One overhaul

Series One New Worm and Nut Repair

Remanufacturing - Series One Box:   Always the first option; we inspect the worm and nut gear to see if we can repair and remanufacture with the existing components. Often the bearings in the top collar of the column are dry and corroding. It’s also riveted on and therefore not really a DIY job, but nevertheless critical to the boxes performance and characteristics. ICS is able to access these bearings that suspend the main shaft and carry out the necessary works as part of the reman process.

There is very little to no adjustment on the early Series One boxes (despite many cover plates exhibiting some form of adjustment nut).

Remanufacturing – Series II, IIa & Series III Box:   Similar to the Series One box, but now using the re-circulating ball. We inspect and assess and perform a similar remanufacturing process.

New Worm and Nut Gear will be proposed if the existing components are damaged or are in too poor a condition.

Worm and Nut Kits
All the ICS new worm and nut gear is available in a kit form, or we can simply weld the new worm to your existing shaft or we can undertake all the works as a remanufacture. All works carried out by ICS come with a 12 month warranty

Series One Boxes

The early cast iron boxes (the more desirable but harder to find) were replaced by an aluminum box. Both types have a ‘floating’ input column / worm, with a race at the lower end of the box and a pair of races / bearings at the top of the column within the collar. With little to no adjustment to the box itself, the key to a good working box are well maintained and lubricated bearings, specifically the top collar.

Variations on components include 2-start and 5-start worm threads and either bronze or hardened metal nuts.

The ICS new worm and nut has been designed and machined to replace 2-start and 5-start threads as well as the bronze or metal nuts.

A new ICS worm and nut remanufacture will definitely transform your Landy’s steering

Series II and Series III – re-circulating ball

Whilst these boxes can be adjusted, many are suffering from play, leaks and wearing internal components. Some of the later Series One’s benefit from this type of box.

Many of these boxes are comfortably being worked on by enthusiasts and garages, however most will start to wear to a point which is sub-standard or dangerous.

Common problems in addition to wear can be pitted worms and debris build up to pre-loading with too many balls and other internal component damage. We carry out a thorough cleaning and component inspection and undertake grinding and chroming as well as welding where required.

Series Steering Linkages & Relays
Across all the Series vehicles are various linkages and swivel joints. These are as important to a fully functioning, smooth and responsive steering and should be checked and maintained as required and definitely when replacing or installing an overhauled steering box.

The remanufacture of the relays can be undertaken by ICS. They contain a highly compressed spring, as well as bushes, split bushes, washers and seals

Series Three Relay