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Land Rover 101 Foward Control

101 Steering Box Solutions

ICS were recently approached by a couple of 101 owners / forum members asking whether we could assess the 101's steering box and provide a range of options for repair or remanufacture as well potentially providing new or replacement worm and nut gear.

As we understand it some 2500 101's were made, but probably only less than 1000 are still in a usable or known existence. As a consequence of the relatively low numbers still in a serviceable condition, parts, spares and specialists can be hard to find.......

ICS has developed its credibility with a whole range of Classic Cars, particulary vehicles from the Jaguar Land Rover stable including most classic Jaguars and all Series Land Rovers. ICS currently makes new worm and nut gear for all Series Land Rover, Jaguar XK120, Mk1 & Mk2 manual boxes and the Dellows

The 101 steering box has a number of similarities and compnents to a Series III box, with the main exception being the actual worm. From our extensive experience, ICS are often able to remanufacture a steering with the existing component. This may involve, polishing, grinding and even re-chroming.

We are however fortunate to have around 20 replacement / almost new worm and nut gears in stock. We dont envisage commissioning a further batch of new worms and nuts once these have run out, so we are thinking/hoping that we should be able to fully remanufacture up to 50/60 steering boxes (condition dependent).

We're about to place several adverts to the 101 community. If you think you may need one or know of other who might, it might be worthwhile reserving one of these worms and nuts. Please contact us at sales@ics-spares.co.uk  or 0121 285 3555