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Exchange and Surcharge Policy

All remanufactured products are sold on an “exchange” basis unless specified otherwise; ie. we sell you one of our own remanufactured parts and in return we require you to send us your faulty one to replace ours. This process enables the remanufacturing of these precious parts that keeps our vehicles on the roads at a cost much lower than acquiring new parts (assuming that they can still be bought new).

ICS will therefore add a ‘surcharge’ to the purchase price as a way of encouraging you to return your original old part in a timely manner. The surcharge will be refunded once we’ve received your old Core and it passes our acceptance criteria.

Your old Core must be received within 45 days of ICS order fulfillment and despatch and should be for the same make and model as the one purchased. We endeavor to credit surcharges within 2 weeks of receipt, which we confirm by email.  Where an issue or query arises, you will still hear from us (usually by email or telephone) within 2 weeks.

Core should only be returned that is visibly undamaged and capable of being remanufactured. If it isn’t, then its value to us could be zero. ICS would absolutely prefer to credit surcharges in full 100% of the time, which keeps the remanufacturing wheel turning.

When returning Core to ICS, please ensure that it is complete, assembled and empty of fluids and where possible reuse the original purpose made packaging. Please do not send us visibly damaged, modified or stripped Core as this wastes our time and your shipping fees. Furthermore we do not accept components from accident damaged vehicles.

To make things simple, ICS can organize for the collection at your premises; please select this option at checkout and follow the instructions provided.

For the avoidance of doubt, ICS reserves the right to assess returned Core against our acceptance checklist and criteria. Core that does not meet minimum standards for remanufacturing will be rejected and the surcharge will not be refunded. Where parts of the rejected Core are capable of being reused, then we reserve the right to offer a non-negotiable part refund (please note that our goal and vision is remanufacturing and assessing each part takes time; we are not in the business of wasting your time or ours discussing the merits or otherwise of your returned part. If we reject it, there will be a good reason and you are more than welcome to have it shipped back to you, at your cost)For guidance, the table below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of defects that would not be acceptable

Rack and Pinion

Steering Gear Box

Power Steering Pumps